Why Women Love Shoes

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Millions of men want to know the reason why women love shoes. And we are sure there are hardly any fashionistas today without a minimum of 10 pairs of shoes. Why do women need so many? The simple truth is because they love shoes. Here are ten reasons to support the truth!

Reason 1

Women need variety. They can not wear the same shoes day after day. The shoes should match with their handbags and their outfits. Of course they can not wear a six inch heel to go trekking, can they?

Reason 2:

They want to look great. Not that they always want to look hot or sizzling. But, they definitely want to look cool comfortable and chic.

Reason 3:

Can anyone deny the fact that women are born shoppers? And, how can they miss the sale on Gucci, Jimmy Choo or Prada shoes?

Reason 4:

Quality matters. But can they expect their shoes to last a lifetime? That's why their closet keeps filling in day after day.

Reason 5:

"Aha … those ballerina's are out of fashion. Well, what's in? Heard that the boots are the rage. Gotcha, gets some boots. And, looks like sneakers are catching up too." Now, you know ….

Reason 6:

When men are crazy behind gadgets and cars costing thousands of dollars can not the ladies splurge on shoes that are few hundred dollars? That's some savings … is not it?

Reason 7:

Shoes tell an awful lot about the person they are. So, they definitely need [you guessed it] many different shoes.

Reason 8:

Sometimes women try certain pairs of shoes just for kicks. And, if its cheap they do not mind getting few pairs just for the heck of it.

Reason 9:

Since the ladies wear different kinds of suits, its natural that their footwear be in proportion with the style and the color. They sure can not wear the same to the office and to a party, can they?

Source by Yogitha Ramamoorthy